We did it! (gulp)

Welcome! We’re the Smiths: Brian, Stephanie, Carolynn (5) and Landon (3).


After many long talks, daydreams and prayers, we are really, really doing it. We are moving to the ranch.
For those who don’t know, our family has been abundantly blessed with land in Driftwood, TX. Gorgeous land. It was acquired by my great grandfather and enjoyed by my family since the 50’s! We feel like it is our great honor to be able to live there, enjoy it, protect it, and leave it as part of our legacy.
First you decide, next you sign (and pay), then you WAIT. and WAIT. yes, keep waiting…
Seriously though, we have had two big preliminary steps crossed off our long list of preliminary steps this week so it seems that for now, things are happening.
What I’m mostly concerned about is the transition time between selling our current suburban treasure, and moving into our new house. There will be about 4 months from the time Carolynn starts school in Hays County, to the time the house is complete. So, in keeping with the adventure, we will be living at our, shall we say, VERY rustic ranch house until it’s ready.
So, for friends, family and all who stop by, stay tuned! I am hoping to use the blog to update about the building process, our stresses, blessings and all in between. Now, if only I can remember to blog….Wish me luck!




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