We knew this would happen, we prepared ourselves, we tried not to get too excited….but it’s still. so. crushing. Our closing date has been delayed. bum bum bum.
Not by much, and yes, it’s the holiday season. Time will go by quickly, like it always does at this time of year, but ugh. We do have lights and fans in and connected (I can turn my lights on and off!), ACs installed, and hot water heaters. Big stuff has been done, but there’s a lot left to come together. Last minute paint touch ups, sanding and staining the floors, carpet, appliances…
Y’all know I try to practice gratitude, I really really try to, but mama’s getting cold. I live in a house made of rocks. It was built for summer weekends by the pool, and on the porch. It was 39 degrees the other night. It was fine, we all had 4 blankets and slept in socks, and it was fiiiiine. But brrr.
We are good. We are great. We are going to be ok. We can do this. We are going to make the most of it. (Pray for us anyway:))
It’s really made me think about people who just live like this. People that year after year live in cold houses, or under a bridge. In the past, in all my previous warm, and insulated homes, I’ve never looked forward to winter (like at all, I kinda hate it), but I haven’t “feared” it. In the name of Adventure Year, this season, the Smiths will be donating coats/blankets. That saying about walking in someone else’s shoes applies here.
On a merry note, here are the economical, and homemade decorations we put up at the ranch house. Carolynn made paper garland, decorated some gingerbread cut outs, and decorated some felt Christmas trees. I knew she would rise to the occasion when we decided to do low-key, ranch life Christmas decorations. She loves art, loves creating and she really made it so special.
(Landon said, “no tanks (thanks). I fine.”)





It’s nothing out of a magazine, but it’s totally representing us where we are right now.
I didn’t get Perfectly Spaced Ornament Placement Disorder Syndrome, and the kids actually get to touch the tree and move stuff around. Adventure Year me is so cool and laid back.


(Originally posted December 2, 2016)

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