Happy New Year!

Happy New Year mom! …er, I mean, everyone who reads…(I know it’s just you, mom. Love you. ) We had a nice, relaxed Christmas at my parent’s house, and traveling some. We slept late, wore pjs, baked, played and napped. It was just what a break should be.
Here we are ringing in the new year in the house! We woke up the kids, drove over and celebrated 2017 with hugs and kisses and some tears. It was really special and sweet.
But just like all good things, it came to an end. Back to the ranch, back to school/work, back to routine. I wasn’t really dreading it. I wasn’t looking forward to it either, but it’s nice to go back to a schedule. Here’s the progress on the house. We are still hoping for a January close, and we are, well, I’ll just speak for myself, I am ready.
Here’s the door with the second coat.
Here’s Brian’s sink with fixtures added. Question: are everyone’s towel rings hung to the left? All of ours are hung that way, and I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed a towel ring’s placement before. Seriously, tell me.


The master shower is tiled, and we are waiting on the door.
This is what we call the, “built in hutch”. It’s in the kitchen, and will be next to the fridge. I’m planning to use this area as a coffee bar. This photo shows the hardware that was just put on this week.


                            The stove and microwave are across from the island/my sink.


We are shopping around for pendant lights to hang above the island. There will be three of them.

We are considering these from Lowe’s. We also found some on Amazon that are a similar style, and similarly priced, but that I think I may like a tad better.



Here’s the amazon version:
Let me know what you think, or make a suggestion!
It’s getting harder to resist shopping for new things for the house now that it really looks so much like a real, real house and we’re getting so close. Trying to wait until we move in, but the list of things I think I’ll “need” is growing….rug, barstools, mirrors for the master, book shelf, sectional…..stay strong Steph! I would really like to focus on what we have, and being grateful. We have been living with so much less, but I’m sure it would be easy to go right back to accumulating things.
Thanks for reading mom, I mean, everyone. XO
(Originally Published January 6, 2017)

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