Hello? The Telephone Table got a Makeover!

Hi friends! Lots and lots has been happening around here, at the Smith Homestead (can I call it a homestead?!) . But, while I compile a list, and all the photos of all our big time projects -like the road (done with our own 4 hands…and some help from the tractor), the raised garden beds, land clearing, and more interior decor (I feel like I’ve finally settled on where things go!).
But, while I work on the post(s) about all that, here’s a project we did pre-move in to whet your whistle while you wait…..on pins and needles I’m sure. 🙂
We were given this cool telephone table by a family member right as we were moving out of our old house. We used it at the ranch house as Brian’s bedside table and it looked like this:
It was obviously hand painted! Someone very talented, crackle painted, and hand painted flowers on it. BUT, for my farmhouse purposes, I wanted to give it a more neutral look. So, Carolynn and I got to painting. Let me tell you, she was pretty peeved when I put that first swipe of paint over the pretty flowers. “oh no, mom! Not over the pretty flowers!”
I used a chalk paint, brush (it’s a Purdy) and a poly type spray from Home Depot.
We gave it a first coat, a second coat, sanded the edges a bit. Let it dry. Sprayed on the clear coat. Voila!
Carolynn went along with the plan like the sweet little helper she is, and by the time it was all finished, she was convinced: ” I like it. That actually looks pretty good.”
I think so too! We now have it next to the couch with some old books. But, the inside is perfect for storing the kid’s DVDs, the top drawer for remotes (because why do we have 3?) and the side pockets hold some of our reference books and magazines. Pretty, and practical. My favorite.
For a pretty quick project, I think it turned out really great. The things in our home that make me most happy, and I treasure most, are the things we get from family, and/or the things we’ve made or created. This cute little table falls into both those categories, so it’s a treasure to me, for sure.
Thanks for reading, friends! XO, Steph
(Originally Published March 1. 2017)


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