The Little Curtain that Could

Exciting news! Construction has begun on my parent’s house! They will be on property about a mile away from us. They will be perfectly plopped right between us, and the ranchhouse. Can you say family. compound. “Hey mom, got a cup of sugar?” ” Hey mom, want the kids to stay the night?”  You know. 👍
Seriously though, we’re looking forward to them being here. Now, we just have to convince my sister and her husband to drink the country kool-aid. Just do it, sister. Don’t fight the inevitable.

Anyway, one of the things I LOVE about this house is the windows. I refused my right to window coverings, and kept them all naked. Why not?! I even have windows right next to my shower, and in my closet. SO what?! I have no neighbors. I do what I want.
I let in all the sunshine, moonlight, starlight, construction workers driving by….eeeeeeeeek.
Ok, maaaayyyybe I need to consider a curtain. Next to my shower.

The road isn’t exactly close to our house, but I had a lost construction employee ring my doorbell last week so we’ll just take the precautions. This house is BUILT, pal. You’re in the wrong place.

Here’s where the longest valance in history comes in. Welcome, longest valance in history. My mom passed this on to me from the ranchhouse they have in New Mexico. She found it, and some other treasures she found tucked back into a closet when cleaning last summer. I have no idea where they had this up, but it was clearly a continuous valance meant to cover 4, or more windows. I loved it’s tassels and it’s history-whatever that may have been. (Surely it didn’t “live” in the closet after all the sewing time they put in on it?!) I have been waiting for just the right inspiration, and the time is now. I’m inspired. To not be seen leaving my shower.

I measured my window, and cut the fabric into strips. I knew I didn’t have enough to cover the whole window, but I think the amount I had worked out just right. You’ll see….

          curtain left
                curtian right
Ok, so I do sew. kinda. I can cover pillows, hem things, I have made curtains. But, I cranked out this curtain with a hot glue gun. It was stupid easy and I didn’t even burn a fingertip.
I told you. Right. Next. to the shower.


I apologize for the poor photography skills on behalf of the person, whomever she is, taking these photos. She needs to take the advice of her well meaning friends who have suggested she take a photography class.
I really like the way this window treatment turned out and love that it combines several things that make my heart happy: old things (from family-bonus!), practical things, and cheap/free things….and a new one: Not awkwardly waving to your parent’s concrete guy in your birthday suit things.
Thank you, Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate everyone who reads. XO, Steph
(Originally Published April 6, 2017)

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