Upstairs Tour

Originally, we weren’t interested in having two stories. We have previously lived in a two story house, but most recently, a single story. We had the land to spread out, and thought we would use it to build a one story house with a similar layout to what we had in Cedar Park. But, after some consideration, decided having two stories was the best way to first of all, really enjoy even more of our beautiful, sprawling views, but also as a way to “disguise” the size of the house. Obviously, we are planning to live in this house forever. So we were presented with the challenge of building a house to suit our current circumstances, but also a house we could stay in when we’re empty nesters, and into our hopefully, old, old age.

Since I haven’t shared any photos of the upstairs, I think it’s time! The upstairs consists of a living area/playroom, and Carolynn and Landon’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Here ya go:

Landon’s First Big Boy Bed!



In our previous home, I painted fat, orange stripes on Landon’s bedroom wall. I loved them. I haven’t tackled painting any walls but obviously my love of stripes remains.


Landon’s Favorite Toys in “The Bucket”.


Shower curtain from IKEA. Get it here:




Look at that cute pup, sunbathing.  ❤
These shelves hold books, but also craft supplies, coloring books, markers etc.
I have been, and still am, seriously considering painting the darker bookshelf “old white” to give the two shelves a more cohesive look. The look of wall to wall bookshelves? Uh, yes.


This way to Carolynn’s room!



I love her bed here! It looks like it is custom for this little nook.
(Also from IKEA, if you’re interested.)


Those curtains and the rectangular pillow (shown in the last picture, and affectionately named, “the hot dog pillow”) were a joint effort by Carolynn and I. I dusted off my sewing machine, fixed the bobbin-why is it ALWAYS broken?!-and we cranked out a pillow and two curtain panels in an afternoon. It really rekindled my love connection with sewing. It’s such a great way to change things up on a budget! Fabric isn’t exactly cheap, but a new pillow and curtain panels would have set us back at least double, probably triple what we spent on making them. ($12 if you’re curious) They are a smidge too small for the window, so I’m staying humble about my sewing abilities. But, honestly, and I’ve already shared this with you, dear readers, thank you for reading this again: I think it’s just better if you do it yourself. That advice is free. You’re welcome.

Also, this is where the little artist works/the sweet, precious little hoarder stashes all the papers she won’t ever let me throw away. Even after I’ve put them in recycling, and she has to pull them out saying something like, “Moooooommmm! I worked so hard on this.”
That’s hypothetical, of course.

That’s it! We have all really enjoyed the way the house it set up. The kids love that they can leave their toys out for days, if they’re “still playing with them.” You may have noticed Landon’s blocks out on the table- they have been there for weeks. Since that  isn’t the main living area, his “city” has been totally undisturbed and he has gone back to it over and over.

Working on a post about our new pendant lights we’re working on, AND a super cozy little “office” I’m working on for Carolynn. Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading. Really, thank you.  XO, Steph


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