The search for a sectional

We have been on the hunt for a sectional for a few years. And by we, I mean me. Brian’s on board, but it’s really my dream. I just love how cozy they are, and that corner seat is callin’ my name.
Our current living room would really be just right for a sectional so I check out Criag’s List and watch for sales. Of course I would love this sectional, from Pottery Barn:
Pottery Barn Comfort

It’s so comfy and beautiful and WASHABLE. It’s also THREE THOUSAND dollars. On sale. And like I always remind my kids, I have the money, I just would rather spend less.

Here’s the comparable IKEA Ektorp:

IKEA Ektorp


IKEA has really upped their style game, in my opinion, and although I swear their prices have increased, they remain affordable.

This “dilemma” (first world problem, for sure!) makes me think about my dad’s parents. They owned real furniture. Real wood tables, Sofas and chairs that would last forever and could be re-upholstered again and again. I love this idea. So that’s my plan for when I’m a grown-up. 😉

That philosophy is why so many of us have things from my grandma’s house in our homes. They are sturdy, quality pieces that still look great. Of course, it’s my favorite to use family things in my home. And a lot of that probably has a lot to do with how well said family things have held up over the years. They are timeless.

So basically I’m on a beer budget with champagne tastes, and ideas. Enter Craig’s List. I would like to purchase a stranger’s Pottery Barn sectional that just doesn’t fit right in their new house. You’re moving? You’re tired of it? I’ll take that off your hands, friend.

A few days ago I found someone in the north part of town selling an IKEA Ektorp sectional for $100. Oh you read that right. ONE hundred. I can buy a new cover from IKEA, and spend $200 on a new couch. Yes!!
I start to get excited….where’s it going to go? Can we see the TV from here? Reach the side table? Oh, I’m making plans. I set up a time to go to her house. Load up my kids, drive an hour and a half. I see the couch…..wah wah wah.
It is actually not an Ektorp, but an old, fuzzy plaid couch with an ill-fitting (although well photographed) Ektorp cover on it. I thank her for letting me see it, and let her know I am going to pass on it. Thanks but no thanks. “But wait, are you sure?” she asks, “I am taking it to goodwill tonight! My new couches are coming tomorrow. It’s gotta go.” Sorry lady, I don’t even want it for free. No offense, it’s just not what I’ve been waiting for. Congrats on your new couches.

Here’s my takeaway: don’t get excited about something you see on Craig’s List until you SEE it. With your own eyes. Sit on it. Touch it. Ask the right questions. If I had asked specifically, “Is the couch an IKEA Ektorp?” I would have saved us time, and gas money. Stay focused, Stephanie.

Oh well! Although it was lots of drive time, the kids were happy because we got to eat dinner at a restaurant. Which I’m pretty sure they think is worth any amount of trouble.

Where do y’all buy your furniture? Do you believe in being thrifty, or getting a quality piece that will last and last? Are you icked out at having someone else’s couch? Are YOU selling your couch? Is it a sectional? Just kidding….kind of.

Happy Friday everybody! Enjoy your weekends. Thanks for reading!!







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