An Old Feed Sack and Some Fabric Scraps

Hey friends! Here’s a quick little step-by-step to start your Monday morning! Again, I brought out my trusty little sewing machine, actually changed out my thread color (A year ago I would have never attempted this without a you tube video!) and used these little  “Fat Quarters” to recover two pillows from the kid’s playroom.

After recovering my outdoor pillows (Read that post here), and several of my living room pillows in glorious, blue ticking:

You can buy that compass pillow cover here.

I was inspired to recover the upstairs pillows to match an old feed sack my mom found for me in a closet.
You can find the little quarters scraps anywhere you buy your fabric. I found mine for $1 each at Walmart. I bought two gray, and two striped. Although not my favorite colors, I wanted the colors I chose to complement the colors found on the sack.

I slipped that old sack onto a pillow I already had. If you want to recreate this look, but don’t have a stash of old feed, or flour sacks, you can find flour sack fabric on Etsy. I really love this one.: grain sack fabric: blue stripe vintage. But there’s lots to choose from, if you’re not as into blue as I am.

The quarters are about 18 X 24 so there’s only enough to cover one side of one pillow. SO I covered mine so that they were reversible. Striped on one side, and gray on the other.


Lay out your scrap, and measure using your pillow insert.


Trim the excess, or fold it over. Be careful with this step! You want to make sure you are sewing the folded portion into the inside of the pillow.


Next, line up your back piece. You may also want to use an iron to ensure they are both straight, and flat. I didn’t do this, but I would if I were to do this again. They would have turned out better if I had, I think.

I sewed the edges together and voila! Again, I am remaining humble about my sewing skills. There were a few mistakes, but they’re playroom pillows so….grace.

I picked up this adventure/bicycle pillow at Wal-Mart too for less than $5. The perfect compliment with it’s gray and aqua color and it says “adventure” so that of course, spoke to me and our life, here on the ranch.

$9 and a little sewing for some new pillows that complement that feed sack. Which was the inspiration behind it all. Anybody use those quarter scraps for anything else? Maybe to make cloth napkins??  I’ll let you know if I try it!

Thanks for reading! -Steph

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