Two Girls and a Gallery

Brian’s dad recently gave Carolynn a print of two kittens that always hung in his grandmother’s living room. She was over the stinkin’ moon. She hugged it, and exclaimed, “I love it! I’m going to put this in my gallery!”

Where could Carolynn, a 6 year old, have gotten the idea that she wanted a gallery you ask?

Maybe from our stairwell?


Our hallway?


The playroom?

(ugh. That TV is so dirty. Who cleans this place??)

The “office” area?


That’s not even all of them…When I started writing this, I counted SIX different areas in the house where we have hung pictures, signs, quotes, and treasures in the gallery style.

 Too much? Meh. Oh well.

 Here’s what we were working with in C’s room:


There were a few character building (for both of us) discussions about listening to other’s ideas, and it’s ok to disagree with someone…..and not interrupting even if you think you don’t like the other person’s idea. Two first born children putting up a gallery wall here. The struggle.

She had a few things already hanging, so “we” (read above paragraph) decided to work on that wall to incorporate what was already on display.

 There were those conversations, building our characters, but we also had a sweet time together making a plan and getting it all put up.

The way I figure out a gallery, is by first laying everything out on the floor. I move this here, that there until it looks right to me. I try to stick to groupings of odd numbers. I also like to balance out one big picture with two smaller ones under/above/next to. Or an item (a wreath, a sign etc) with something less dimensional, like a photo or sign.

Here’s how C’s gallery turned out:

There’s the kittens! C has done that needlepoint herself. She’s almost finished.



It still needs some work, but as you can see, she’s pretty pleased with it and there’s room to add on more treasures.

I better get to my “addicted to gallery wall” group meeting! Thanks for reading!!



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