On my birthday, I’m a “real” blogger

Some of the “real” blogs I read share a weekly list of favorite things, or things they’re into right now. One of the blogs I follow, Sarah, does a “Friday Favorites” post. Read one of her posts here. Sarah has great taste, and a beautiful blog that reads well and has some really great ideas.

I really enjoy these types of “favorite things” posts, and have thought about jumping on this bandwagon. But, I’m only a “real” blogger in my own mind. That’s kind of the thing about blogging though, right?! I have felt a little uncomfortable sometimes sharing my thoughts, ideas and projects because…who cares? I’m not trying to get humility points or anything, just hear me out.


Let’s say I’m at a party, and I start telling you about how I recovered my outdoor cushions. (shameless plug here) Whomever I’m talking to, would probably be as polite as possible while also sending a signal to their friend, or spouse across the room: “ Help. Me. Talking to the most boring person at this party. ”


You see what I mean?! Anyway, I’m not at all looking for compliments, in fact, everyone has been so very encouraging. All your comments on the blog, and on facebook and in person have only encouraged me to keep blogging and sharing what would be boring party fodder. 😉 All your sweet words and every single time you click on that link, makes me smile and feel so loved. Thank you so much. I really appreciate everytime you read.


So, I present to you, my special BIRTHDAY edition of my favorite things right now:


  1. Birkenstocks


I’m not really a shoe girl. I don’t think I ever have been. But, if shoe love is a thing, I have given my heart to my Birkenstocks. I am crazy about them. I wear them almost every day. Really. All I need is a pair or running shoes, and my Birkenstocks. They are super practical, super comfortable and stylish…well, stylish enough for me anyway. When Brian and I went to Round Top and my pedometer clocked us at 26 miles walked, I was wearing those Birkenstocks. They are my perfect shoe.


You can get a pair like mine for $95 here, on Amazon, or here, at Nordstrom.


2. Benefit Erase Paste


This stuff is magic. Real, actual magic. My under eye circles have been a thing since Johnathon Taylor Thomas was on magazine covers. Being pale, ya know. So since I’ve had kids, they’ve not improved. This little tub of magic is worth every penny. It makes me look alive and not like a zombie so yeah, it’s a favorite.



3. Boomchickapop Sweet and Salty popcorn


This popcorn is so.good. Mr. AL and I have been trying to cut back on our wine consumption, and this popcorn has been a sweet replacement. Instead of having a glass of wine after the kids go to bed, we are snacking on this stuff. When we try to cut down on kettle corn consumption, maybe we can replace it with sit-ups, or I don’t know, something productive.



I buy mine at Costco, or Sprouts, if I want a reasonable sized bag (why would I want that?!) but you can get it here, on Amazon.


4. Faux plants


I began an accidental faux plant collection before we moved out of our house in Cedar Park. I had this little window box on my back porch and had already killed multiple living plants that I bought to fill it.
One time after buying another living replacement for a plant I’de just killed, Brian said, “We’ll just put that purchase in the “entertainment” category.”
Oh ye of little faith. But he was right. That plant was DOA.
I found the most realistic, and most affordable faux plants at IKEA and put three of them in that window box. They looked great the whole time we lived there. 🙂 I use those plants, and some fake succulents, all over the house to add warmth and texture. I recently rearranged the mantel with them:

I also use faux (and one REAL) plants in this old tool box on my sofa table:



5. My new quilt/all the checkered things

We’ve been on the hunt for a while now for new bedding. More specifically, a quilt. Not a bedspread, not a duvet. a good old-fashioned quilt. Not too hot, but has good weight to it.


With that rug, which we bought for our first house and we thought cost a fortune, this room has a traditional and semi-formal look. I love how the big, fat, beautiful buffalo checks add some casual coziness. Also, B and I both picked this one so it was a winner.

I love using those checks in other parts of the house too:


Ok, you get the idea, and that’s not even all of them.
Thanks for humoring me on my birthday, and thanks for reading my, “I’m-a-real-blogger-today-because-its-my-birthday-edition-five-favorite things”. On your birthday, you do what you wanna do. Now, time for cake.
XO, Steph
*Photos other than my own, personal photos were taken from Amazon. I have attached the links to these products should you wish to purchase them. If you do decide to use my link to purchase one of my favorite things, I will receive a small portion of your sale. This is at no extra cost to you. Thank you!!

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