How to make a Haymaker

Happy Monday, my friends!

Apple Cider Vinegar is an old (like ancient Greeks old) household remedy for many things like sore throats, and upset stomachs. But, some have recently claimed the vinegar it contains, giving it it’s strong taste and smell, can help prevent cancer, or keep blood glucose under control. The science behind those claims is questionable, but at the yellow house, we like to sip on something called, “haymakers” a few times a week anyway. You can make a pitcher full, or just a glass at a time, which is what we usually do. If you’re looking for a drink that’s good for your gut and another calorie free alternative to water that may have some health benefits, here’s the step by step recipe.

We buy our ACV from Costco. Any will do, just make sure it includes, “the Mother”.  You can buy Apple Cider Vinegar on Amazon if you’re into groceries on your doorstep.


I use 1/4 cup per glass. But, that’s very strong. You may want to start with half that, or less.
Add honey to sweeten, and cut the strong vinegar flavor. I add 1 tsp, but that’s to 1/4 cup ACV. Adjust according to your taste. Be sure to add the honey, and combine, before you add the ice.

Fill your glass with either water, or tea. I like either, but Mr. Adventure Life prefers his with tea. I’ve tried mine with green tea, black tea, and plain sparkling water.

Add ice and sprinkle with ground ginger. Stir.


You can buy the best ground ginger here!


Let me know if you try it, I would love to know what you think, and what you use ACV for–salad dressings? Cleaning? Drinking?

I hope the weather where you are is as gorgeous as it is here in central Texas. It is sunny, warm perfection here. (*cue the angels singing!)

Go enjoy your haymakers outside on this BEE-U-TIFUL day! Thanks for reading!  -Steph




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