Drop Cloth Curtains

Living out here on the ranch, we really have no need for window coverings. After futily dusting and cleaning blinds at our last house, I declared I would never again have blinds on my windows. (Read about the one window I decided to cover here)

When my parent’s built their house, they also left many of their windows without drapes, curtains or blinds because….ah ahhhhhh.

Their view….It’s awesome. Being able to see across acres of untouched land is pretty special. The only problem is, that when the afternoon sun starts streaming in, the dining room can get a bit hot. And by “a bit hot”, I mean that, this is Texas, and God bless it, it can be unbearably hot. My parents were unable to enjoy eating dinner at their table, or that beautiful view anytime in the afternoon.

I suggested that we use drop cloth curtains to cover some of the dining room windows. It would be inexpensive, quick, and have a classic, neutral look. It was a fun project, and truly did end up being all of those things!

Here’s what we purchased to get started:

  • Drop Cloths: We bought ours from Home Depot. Here is the 4×12 , or 9×12 size sold on Amazon
  • Curtain Rod(s):  Measure your window (or be like me and “eyeball it”…yikes.) before purchasing. We used a curtain rod similar to this one, but you may want to consider using one a bit more substantial. I’ll chat more about this later in the post.
  • Drapery Clips : Plan on buying more than you think you need. The drop cloths are durable, which makes them great for coverage, but heavy. Here is an AmazonBasics option, which would include enough for one curtain. We used about 30 clips for 4, 36 inch windows.

In addition to those purchased items, we also used a drill (We have this one) to hang our rods.

First, lay out your drop cloths and decide which end you’de like to be the top (where the curtains will hang from) and fold over a section.

How much you decide to fold over, depends on how much you’de like your curtains to pool on the floor. My mom preferred her curtains to hit just at floor level. Again, I just “eyeballed” -I’m cool like that- and folded down about a 3 foot section all the way across the “top”.

Thanks for the help, Rocky.

As you can see, the curtains are pretty wrinkled. Some of these wrinkles will work themselves out by hanging for a bit. But, go ahead and give them a wash and dry, (or a steam, if you’re fancy!) if you’de like a crisper look from the start.

Attach your clips by folding a small section at a time, like this:

You can of course, just clip on without this method, but we were able to use less clips this way, and the pleats gives the curtains even more of a “bunched look”. It’s your preference! Slide the rings on your curtain rod and hang on your pre-hung brackets.

The curtain rods we chose (1 inch diameter), bow slightly from the weight of our curtains. You may choose to go with a more substantial rod if you’re planning to stretch it like we did.

To encourage the curtains to have a crisp, tidy look when pulled to the side, I used my hands to create folds along my clipped pleats and pressed together.

Step by Step on how to make simple, beautiful drop cloth curtains!
I think they turned out great! My skills at photographing a window…ehh.

This project was completed quickly and offered relief from the hot, setting sun right at dinnertime. Affordable, practical and beautiful is what I’m all about, and these curtains checked all those boxes.

Now, to makeover my parent’s bug-catching light fixture like I did at my house! Read that post here 

Thank you for stopping by!!

Have a great day! XO, Steph

*This post does contain some affiliate links. Were you to decide to purchase anything through these links, I would receive a small portion of your sale. This would be at no extra cost to you. THANK YOU!*

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