How I keep my house clean with these three, easy steps!

I’ve been asked before, “How does your house stay clean?” The answer may disappoint you….I clean everyday. I don’t have any magic tricks, or voo doo powers or anything. I just clean. every. dang. day.

Sorry, friends. I got you to click and now you feel duped! But wait! I do have three HUGE tips for upkeep that will help you feel like your house is tidy, and manageable until you can get to that deep cleaning day all houses need from time to time. They take almost no time at all and will make a big difference day to day.

  • Wipe it all down.

By this I mean the surfaces and sinks you use daily. My kitchen counter tops get a wipe down daily. My bathroom sink and kitchen sink get rinsed daily. More on that in a minute.

But first, my go to/favorite “cleaning cloths” are actually Gerber cloth diapers. They are slightly absorbent, which makes it possible to be reused several times. I keep a cloth right on top of all my frequently used cleaning supplies. You can buy these anywhere, but a 10 pack on Amazon is under $15.

Now, I love baskets and bins and all the organizing things, but you really only need a few things readily accessible under your sink. For the kitchen, as far as cleaning supplies go, I only use three cleaners. I need granite spray for my counters, Clorox Clean-Up for my sink, and Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Purpose spray for my stove top and microwave. Technically, I could do without the Mrs. Meyer’s spray, but I like to use a more gentle, fresher smelling cleaner when and where I can.

My kitchen sink gets sprayed with Clorox Clean-Up almost every night after the dinner dishes are done and put in the dishwasher. I spray it all throughout both sides and then rinse it out after a few minutes. Call me crazy, but the smell of Clorox in a clean kitchen is pretty satisfying. I wouldn’t want a candle of it or anything, but it just smells….clean. Also, it keeps my white sink white, but will kill all the coodies and help keep any sink fresh.

My bathroom sink only gets cleaned properly, as in with a rag and cleaner once a week. But, every time I use the sink, I swish water around with my hand ensuring any hairs, toothpaste or other gunk is cleaned out. I rub my wet hand on my faucet to rinse off any residue also.

Other cleaners I always keep handy, are Method Wood for Good and Method Stainless Steel cleaner. These could be used from day to day and I want ready at a moment’s notice which leads right into my next tip…..

  • Do it NOW.

See some crumbs? Wipe them up.

Smudge on your table? Spray, spray, wipe. Done.

Two dishes and a coffee cup in the sink? Put them in the dishwasher. It takes literal seconds and will be done. What a relief.

This tip keeps me on the cusp of running late everywhere, but I am who I am so… If you aren’t like me, and won’t have heart palpitations if you leave crumbs on your counter (or your bed unmade, or a dish in your sink…) then keeping your bottles and rags in an easily accessible place where you can grab them, use them, and put them back before you have even thought about putting it off for later is going to help you follow through.

Don’t worry about bins or containers or making your under the sink items look beautiful. Organization is so much fun, like I wish it was my job fun, but just get them accessible and all the areas you actually spend time looking at will be clean.

  • Get help where you can.

My kids unload my dishwasher, and Roomba helps cleans my floors. It took many times and lots of follow through but I can get my kids to unload the dishwasher with minimal griping and coaxing now. It will feel like more work at first, but find something your kids can, and perhaps should be responsible for and just teach them. Teach them how to do it right and just shadow them until they get it. I know, they don’t want to, and they’re not good at it. Of course you can do it better, but, make it fun, offer a treat if you need to (for yourself too!) and just make it a habit. It’s good for them!

Floors…oh the floors. They cause me more grief than anything because it’s more than a minute usually. On a ranch, with two kids and a dog, the floors just get dirty. I run Roomba when I’m away from home, or run this vacuum quickly in the common areas each afternoon when my kids have come in from playing and are in for the night.

All the cleaning supplies I’ve mentioned, I order from Grove collaborative. I have found their prices to be the same, or comparable on everything I order. They frequently offer a free gift with purchase, and if you use the referral link above, you get a FREE Mrs. Meyers 5 piece gift set. You can set up to have your most used cleaning products, hand soap, dish soap or any of your household items sent to you monthly, or however frequently you prefer.

I love that they offer refill bottles of my favorite method cleaning product (granite spray) and refills on our favorite hand soap (Mrs. Meyers). I have not ever seen these refills in any store.

I’m so glad you stopped by to read my three tips! I hope they help. Do you have any tips for keeping a clean house? I would love to hear them!

*Some of the links provided will provide me with a small percentage of your purchase. This is at no extra cost to you! Thank you for using my links!!!

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