How we got here

Behind the Adventure: We belong here.

The few times we’ve had a repair person, or “stranger” come to the house, they have remarked somehow about the remote-ness of our home. Sometimes these comments are completely complimentary, and others more on the questioning side. As in, what were you thinking?

I often feel like when I talk about this place, I make people uncomfortable because I can be so passionate. I get emotional about this property, and how we ended up here. So, when a stranger, or even someone I know questions the isolated location of our home, I often just answer vaguely. “Yes. It’s really quiet”, or something like that.

Side story: Once while the propane guy was here filling up the tank, Landon was running around, per usual, with only undies on. Propane dude makes one of the above mentioned comments, to which I respond, “yes. We really enjoy it. And as you can see, pants are optional.” Later, I shared that exchange with Brian, who responded, “you probably shouldn’t tell men who mention the remote-ness of our home that pants are optional.” I died. Laughing. I totally didn’t even realize what I’de said. Good grief.
Anyway, since you’re here, my captive audience, I would like to share my actual response to that/those questions.

It can seem like a crazy thing to do, leaving a lovely neighborhood where you live in a nice house with a garage and a fence and good schools within walking distance.

I grew up coming out to this ranch. Spending a day, a weekend, or more. Riding my bike, swimming, chasing goats (sorry, grandma), catching bugs…It was an idyllic childhood. I lived in the burbs, near my friends and had a sweet “country place” to visit only an hour from home. I ‘m not bragging, I realize how abundantly blessed a life that is.

After my grandmother passed away, the family was split: money, or land? My parents, bless them, took on a burden, and kept this land. This is where I make you uncomfortable, because I get a lump in my throat. I was born with this land, my dad was born with this land and my grandmother worked her adult life improving it.

About 5 years ago, we set our minds to improving it, and restoring it to it’s former glory. One work weekend at a time, we renovated the house, the pool and the yard. During that time, my love for this place was rekindled.

Living here started being a regular, recurring conversation. Why? Why not? I had dear memories of my childhood here, but literal blood, sweat and tears during those renovation days changed my mind about it: This is a lot of work. BUT, this is also a blessing, a privilege, and an honor. That was it! It would be our honor. Over a year since we first started discussing it, we realized we had been thinking about it all wrong. It isn’t, “how is this going to affect us, how hard will be, what conveniences are we giving up…?” It was: “It would be our great honor.” To care for this, improve it, share it, love it and leave it better than it was.
We could have seen all of this as a huge burden, and responsibility that spent our time, and our money. OR, we could make it our life, and appreciate it. Because it isn’t really ours, and it never really was. It’s my kids, and their kids, and their kid’s kids….We have it in our care and how lucky are we?

I know I didn’t do anything to deserve it, and I never will, but I will leave it as our legacy because that’s what was done for us. Don’t fight your destiny. Own it. Live it, and love it.

We call this, “Old Lonesome Tree”

I wanted to share since I’ve been sharing so much about decor, and little diy projects. But, my heart, our heart, is this place. We love this cute yellow house, and hope to be happy in it for a hundred years, but it’s really about this land, and our privilege to improve it. Our real mission here is to love this ranch,  and leave it better than ever.

I am by no means a life coach, so please hear this advice with that in mind. But, if you have something you want to do, accomplish, try, even if it’s so, so scary…consider it again, over and over again. Consider it if it’s responsibly within reach for you, and yours. You are capable of doing scary things. Sometimes that is just the preface to something being so great.

Maybe next time, my answer should be, “Thank you. We belong here.” (Now quit being nosy. And keep your pants on for goodness sake, no matter what crazy things I say. 😜)

Thanks for reading this rant! I love that you’re reading, thank you so much.  XO, Steph