What I learned from the Spring 10×10 Challenge

I did it! I wore only ten items (including shoes!) for 10 days. (See what I picked and more info about the challenge in this post)

I mixed and matched, added accessories and have 10 awkward photos of myself to prove it. See??


I appreciated the experience and it helped me realize some things about the way I should keep my closet year round:

First of all, I need no new clothes. I have enough. With only 8 clothing pieces and 2 pairs of shoes to choose from, getting dressed everyday was a cinch. No pacing my closet and sighing, before finally deciding on something. All my outfits were put together, and honestly, having less pieces to work with made it less pressure. I packed for a weekend trip and it was the easiest packing a bag has ever been. One day, to avoid wearing almost the exact same thing a second time, I added an old belt of my gramdmother’s. I’ve had it for years and never wear it. I got several compliments on it, and it changed up wearing the same shirt and jeans for the second time in 10 days. I was encouraged to get creative with what I already have and if you’ve read any of my posts before, you know the joy I get from using what I already have. (I did that for my Fall Decorating Challenge, and for Carolynn’s Office)

Secondly, keep what realistically works for you. I guess I’m not a skirt person. In theory, yes, I like skirts a lot. I think they’re cute and springy and can keep be versatile enough to be casual or dressy. BUT, I wore mine twice only, one of which was Easter Sunday and the other I MADE myself because I knew I needed to work it in. My day to day life just isn’t too skirt friendly, so it just didn’t seem to make sense most days. It was cute, but not that practical for me.

I’m fine wearing jeans everyday. They fit my lifestyle and darnit, I just like them. For the challenge, I chose a pair of boot cut jeans, but I wished I had picked my skinny jeans. The skinnies would have been more classic and I just like the fit better.

If overalls are wrong, I don’t want to be right. I did choose overalls as one of my pieces, maybe not the most practical choice, but I actually have no regrets. I like them, and they went with more than one top so I got two wears out of them. It’s only been two days since the challenge ended, and I’ve already worn them again.

Birkenstocks are still my favorite shoe of all time. I wore them 9/10 of the challenge days and probably would have anyway. I’m not a “shoe person”, but I LOVE these shoes.

Lastly, go with neutrals. one of the tops I chose had embroirdered shoulders and a tie front. It is less of a neutral, which I chose intentionally, to keep boredom at bay. In hindsight, another neutral top would have been a better choice. I only wore my embroirdered tee (It’s SO cute, you can find the link in this post) once. It didn’t lend itself to the whole idea of the 10×10, which is, creatively mixing and matching. It would have been too obvious if I wore it twice because it just isn’t neutral enough.

Overall, I didn’t find it too difficult to wear the same things for 10 days, and no one ever said, “didn’t you just wear that?” Which was actually something I wondered about. Turns out, no one probably noticed, and much more likely, no one actually cares.

Did anyone else take the 10×10 challenge? What do you think about a minimalist stlye wardrobe? Are you a person who needs lots of options, or do you prefer the simplicity of fewer clothes?

Thanks for reading!! Steph

Spring 10×10 Challenge

As far as my closet goes, I’ve always been more of a, “quantity vs. quality” type of gal. I always loved to shop and clothes were my favorite thing to shop for and purchase. Through high school and college, I worked many hours at Old Navy, doing mental math while fat folding the jeans. Folding and calculating my employee discount on that cute top, skirt or dress.

After our time spent at the ranch house, where we lived without internet, hot showers a dishwasher…well, you can read my post, “Making it Work” for yourself, but I lived with maybe 1/4 of my clothes. After moving in to this house, I had plenty of room for everything. Still, I felt inspired to donate a lot of my clothes, even stuff I still liked-gasp!-but just didn’t wear that much. The idea of getting dressed daily without the preliminary, and delusional “I have nothing to wear” pity party was refreshing.

In an effort to make getting dressed everyday less…angsty, I went through my closet with discernment, deciding what I actually wear, and what “look” I have/wanted. As a stay at home mom/2 day a week preschool teacher, comfort was a big factor. I kept only the things I love, work for my life, and go together. If something in my closet didn’t go with at least 2 other items, it’s out. I allowed myself no sentimentality- “but I’ve had this for YEARRRSSSS.” buh bye.

As an extension of this closet spring cleaning, for the next 10 days, I am joining in on the spring 10×10 challenge. You choose 10 items of clothing (this includes shoes, but not including accessories, workout clothes, or undergarments) and make 10 outfits using only those 10 items.

Here’s what I decided on:

IMG_2147 (1).JPG




  • Curvy boot cut jeans (I had these before I was a Smith. Circa 2003 maybe?)
  • Overalls from Gap Factory
  • green sidewalk skirt from Jcrew factory (Again, mine’s old, but lots of cute, spring colors available!)



Planning to use these accessories to mix things up.



I am bending the rules a bit and allowing myself one bonus item since this Sunday is Easter. Here’s what I’m planning to wear to church and our family get together this Sunday. Special thanks to Carolynn, my “fashion” photographer.

See her in the window there? 🙂 See how I need a tan?

The skirt, the shoes and that cardigan are all included in the 10×10 and the top is my cheat piece.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and if you’re also trying the #spring10x10, I’de love to hear from you!!

Happy Easter, and as always, THANK YOU for reading. -Steph