“Little by Little, a Little Becomes A Lot.”

EEEEEEEE!!! OH. Sorry, let me explain:

Cabinets and Island
Pantry doors (will be stained to match island)


More cabinets

Y’all. Y’all. I am in love with these cabinets. I love that island. I love the floors. Obviously, I am so pleased any work is being done, happy to see any truck at the house, because…progress. But, what a stinkin’ relief that I actually in real real life LOVE the things I chose all those months ago. Details I decided on based on a small sample. Choosing things in isolation that I liked, and hoping they all come together. So far, so very very good. I think a lot of my delight has to do with my relief.  But also, look how pretty! The cabinets are painted with an off white, and have a dark glaze that makes them look antiqued. Here’s a close up:

Aren’t they just beautiful. Yes, they are. We didn’t want them stark white, but I did want a neutral, classic looking kitchen. I really think I nailed it. My granite counter tops will be in next week, and will look like this:

The brick size natural stone will be the backsplash, and that white tile will be….drumroll please….my double basin….farmhouse…sink. That’s what dreams are made of people. Farmhouse sinks.
The floors are real wood, and with their natural shade showing in the photo. I chose “Dark Walnut” at the design center, here’s a picture:

The carpet will be upstairs, and those are my paint colors-green for the master, lighter for the beadboard and trim, darker for the walls everywhere else.

Seeing the floors naturally, the way they are now, makes me think I should stain them lighter. They just look so beautiful. I also am afraid a darker stain may be trendy?!  Brian is also apprehensive about staining dark, so we are going to have some more sample sections stained so we can choose. This is actually the first thing (yes, a huge thing) I’ve considered changing so everyone seems pretty understanding. They aren’t planning to stain until next month probably anyway, so the show will go on, thankfully. What do y’all think? Too dark? Lots and lots of light in the house too. Something else to take into consideration.

Thanks so much for following this adventure, and I will continue to update as progress continues(because it will. it will. it will….)
It’s all coming together and we are more excited than ever. Stay tuned!



I’m baaack?!

Have you noticed? I’m the worst blogger? The worst. Pretty sure my last post was in March? Yes, I just checked. March. Like two seasons ago, or 7 months.
Clearly, lots has happened and I’ll try to fill everyone in the best I can, and then try (I’m really gonna try!) to blog more regularly.
As far as the progress on the house, we’ve been in a bit of a rut. Here’s the latest picture.

*cows not included*

It looks awesome, minus the dumpster, but it has looked exactly that awesome, as in unchanged, for the past two weeks. If you know me, then you know that this drove. me. crazy. Our superintendent rued the day he ever gave me his cell number. “what’s going on today? Why isn’t anyone working today? How long is that going to take?” At the end of the day, I’m living blessedly, but slightly uncomfortably at the Gatewood house on our property and I’m having some control issues. I’m working on it y’all.
If you don’t know, the Gatewood house is a super cool, super old, unair-conditioned, unheated, rock walled, rusty piped, crooked house…that I love, I do. I love it. But, it wasn’t meant for long term living. I grew up going there for a week, a weekend, a barbecue, an easter egg hunt….5 months? Help me, Lord.
Last week, we had an issue with the well, that left us without water for 4 days, a flat tire, an injured dog (kicked by a cow, but he deserved it), and a scorpion sting for Carolynn.
Honestly though, I still know we are just. so. BLESSED. Even though things are not comfortable for us now, and we are just…waiting…we are healthy, we are happy, we are in love with eachother and with this land that we don’t deserve. This is what it is, It is where we are. We will come out of this.Thanks for reading. XO