He that has a choice has trouble. ~Dutch Proverb

We had our first of several design center appointments, and oy! SO. MANY. CHOICES. I consider myself to be a pretty decent decision maker, but don’t love having an over abundance of choices. I know what I love, like, and hate.
When I was choosing a wedding cake, the bakery had three big fat binders full of sample cakes to be inspired by. I said, “I’ll look at this binder,” picked one up, “and choose from this one. I’ll never know what I missed.” There’s really no need to look at 900 cakes is there? No.
Not to mention, Brian and I make almost every decision together…like, I’ll call him at work to discuss something at COSTCO. I know I CAN make the decision, I just really like to know what he thinks! So, many phone calls and picture texts were exchanged.One of my first choices was exterior paint color. As in, here’s a two inch thick binding of paint swatches. Pick one. Okay, yikes.  But, I have always wanted a yellow house. I started in the yellow family and decided on one. I think this is it.
What do y’all think?

The stone is what will be used as skirting under the siding and down to the ground. There won’t be much of it you can see. The blue is what I chose for the front door! A blue front door! Pretty excited about that….obviously. The white will be trimming the windows. Here’s just a sample picture of the house so you can picture it:
Here’s my interior paint choices: Toasted Almond. Yes, totally up my alley. (Brian’s reaction: “boring.”-sorry honey.) If you know me at all, you know that tan is my neutral go to. You also know that I love throw pillows. All throw pillows go with tan. So, toasted almond it is. The cream color is for the beadboard wainscoting throughout the house.

The kitchen was where I spent the bulk of my time during my appointment and where I still need a little help. I’ll post more on that later.

In other house news, we have a survey, should have our official deed this week and have crossed off the first step towards getting power set up. Moving right along….



Smith Adventure LIFE

Hi friends! I know I’ve really dropped the ball on the blogging thing. I was practically begging people to read the blog, but once i moved in…..radio.silence. Y’all. I’m sorry. I haven’t sat down in weeks. I’ve been unpacking, organizing, re-organizing. Last week I cooked all our meals again and went back to the gym. Life is returning to “normal”, although by normal, I mean our new normal. Life in the yellow house normal.
In our first few days in the house, Brian and I were sitting in the living room, and I asked, “how can we be so comfortable here? Already?” His response, “because we can walk around with our shoes off?” He cracks me up! Seriously though, we had taken the big steps before we got here: move to Driftwood, live on the property… I just feel so blessed and so happy to get to come home to this place, this land, but also be comfortable. In MY home. Really. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

Anyway, our weeks have been filled with indoor projects, and the weekends with outdoor projects. We have a lifetime of work ahead, but we have accomplished a lot already. Here’s some pictures!

      The mantel is a work in progress. I’ve already changed it since I took this picture.


  Master bathroom. Choosing those mirrors was tricky business, and I wished at one (or  more) point(s) that I had just had them install the regular, builder grade mirrors.

But, I think these were a good choice and I love the way they look.






                                                             Guest bedroom


                                                                   Guest bath


   Front walkway. Still a work in progress, planning to chip a bunch of trees we just                                     pulled up, and put the mulch down on our new path.


Planting our seedlings, to go in the greenhouse. We planted, okra, spinach, lettuce,                                            jalapenos, kale, cucumbers and cilantro.

  The compost! Brian saved these pallets from the build, and really planned this out   himself. I am so impressed! We used the builder’s trash, including all their screws,                                                      which were all discarded in the yard.



Yesterday we (as in, mostly Brian, and his awesome parents) pulled up little cedar trees from around all our big, beautiful Oaks. The difference is incredible. It makes the yard look so much cleaner. Our trees will thrive now that they can have all the nutrients and water all to themselves.  Today, we will be using these piles of gravel to smooth out our road, and possibly create a parking pad next to the house.
We also may try to tackle the garden beds, which Brian started yesterday.


We are working on something all the time, so they’ll be more to share soon! Thanks for reading!! XO

(Originally Published February 12, 2017)

“Little by Little, a Little Becomes A Lot.”

EEEEEEEE!!! OH. Sorry, let me explain:

Cabinets and Island
Pantry doors (will be stained to match island)


More cabinets

Y’all. Y’all. I am in love with these cabinets. I love that island. I love the floors. Obviously, I am so pleased any work is being done, happy to see any truck at the house, because…progress. But, what a stinkin’ relief that I actually in real real life LOVE the things I chose all those months ago. Details I decided on based on a small sample. Choosing things in isolation that I liked, and hoping they all come together. So far, so very very good. I think a lot of my delight has to do with my relief.  But also, look how pretty! The cabinets are painted with an off white, and have a dark glaze that makes them look antiqued. Here’s a close up:

Aren’t they just beautiful. Yes, they are. We didn’t want them stark white, but I did want a neutral, classic looking kitchen. I really think I nailed it. My granite counter tops will be in next week, and will look like this:

The brick size natural stone will be the backsplash, and that white tile will be….drumroll please….my double basin….farmhouse…sink. That’s what dreams are made of people. Farmhouse sinks.
The floors are real wood, and with their natural shade showing in the photo. I chose “Dark Walnut” at the design center, here’s a picture:

The carpet will be upstairs, and those are my paint colors-green for the master, lighter for the beadboard and trim, darker for the walls everywhere else.

Seeing the floors naturally, the way they are now, makes me think I should stain them lighter. They just look so beautiful. I also am afraid a darker stain may be trendy?!  Brian is also apprehensive about staining dark, so we are going to have some more sample sections stained so we can choose. This is actually the first thing (yes, a huge thing) I’ve considered changing so everyone seems pretty understanding. They aren’t planning to stain until next month probably anyway, so the show will go on, thankfully. What do y’all think? Too dark? Lots and lots of light in the house too. Something else to take into consideration.

Thanks so much for following this adventure, and I will continue to update as progress continues(because it will. it will. it will….)
It’s all coming together and we are more excited than ever. Stay tuned!